The Port Authority had a whole slew of the model commonly known as the "metro" Some people believe that ours are 870s, but that is not the case. In fact, our Metros were said to be the last ones built by Flxible before its demise in 95. All of ours are 93-95 models. More details on the fleet numbers are on the ROSTER page.

All of our Metro's are 40' in length, 102 inches wide.

All are equipped with Detroit Diesel Series 50 engines, which give reasonable performance and economy. The earlier models, Fleet numbers 2300 - 2449, are equipped with the Voith 3 speed transmission. Later models (2450 - 2594) have the electronic Allison 3 speed. Another simple way, besides the bus number, to tell which transmission it has is to look at the back doors... If it has a white bottom, it has the Voith, if it is all glass, then it is a Allison.

As from a drivers point of view, at least in my opinion, the Flxible has the most comfortable driving position. Most of our driver don't like the slow takeoff that they have, but due to government regulations in effect when the buses were built, that is what we have to deal with.

The stance of the Flxible is unique due to the way the rear of the bus sits higher than the front, giving it the "dragster" look. That and the huge chrome tailpipe jutting from the roof, give it a cool look.

Lets look some pictures of the Flxible...


This is a picture of the passenger area of a Flxible Metro. The seats in this bus have been re-covered in the same fabric of the 5XXX series bus.


This is where I spend my day.


2327 sitting at Jack Stack Pool on the 16D run.


2351 on 5th and Smithfield, in Pittsburgh.

2365 in Market Sq.

Bus 2380 on Smithfield at 5th.

2384 loading people at Smithfield and 5th, close to the golden arches.


I had this bus on my old 21A, laying over at Phillips Station.


Same place, just a newly painted 2453 instead.


2559 on Grant St, downtown.


2585 Running down 6th Ave, turning onto Liberty, on one of my favorite runs, the 500.


Here is 2440 sitting on the exit ramp (layover) on the 18C route.


After 9-11, most transit companies dedicated a bus to America. We were no different. here is 2370 adorned in her "America" wrap. Very nice.


Before the belt tightening of 3-2003, we were turning out freshly painted buses on a regular basis. Here is a green one, # 2506.


Not to be outdone, Collier did one in red, this is 2484.


Another shot of 2484, this one is at the Uni Mart on Brownsville Rd. The bus was working the 46K.


2300 in new paint laying over on the busway.


I love the silver paint on these buses... Here is Ross 2459 at Camp Horne Giant Eagle. This bus is now also unfortunately on the End of the Line page.


2590 turning onto Forbes Ave.


2338 riding through Oakland.


2411 near the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland.


2460 in Oakland, on the 54C route.


2325 on Liberty Ave, headed out of town.


2394 on Liberty at Sixth Ave.


2400 on Forbes Ave in Pittsburgh.


2400 in the parking lot at Century 3 Mall.


2411on the West Busway.


2454 on 6th St.


2455 in the Pittsburgh Zoo parking lot, layover for the 500.


2459 at unknown location.


2468 on Liberty Ave, coming off the Fort Pitt Bridge.


2484 at Wood and Forbes.


2491 on Smithfied St.


2522 on Liberty Ave, near 5th Ave.


2587 at Penn and 7th.


2587 coming onto Liberty from Grant.


2588 at Harmar Division.


2593 on the 71A Negley route.


2593 at CCAC Boyce Campus.


2594 at Penn Park Station.


2454 at 7th and Penn Aves.


2309 in experimental paint.


2314 with new paint, at Manchester.


2323 on 5th Ave.

2326 on 6th Ave.


2330 at 3 Rivers stadium, shortly after being delivered.


2370, the 9/11 tribute bus, on Fifth Ave.


2447 at Ross garage.


2463 sporting it's Phipps Conservation wrap.


2485 at Three Rivers Stadium when it was new.


2506 coming off the Smithfield St Bridge.


2550 on 5th Ave at Smithfield. this bus and 2581 (below) were involved in a head-on accident on the East Busway when still fairly new, killing one operator and destroying both buses.


2581 stopped to load in town.


2587 and 2552 on delivery at Manchester.


2592 on its delivery.


2382 at Carson and 12th.


2444 with its Mrs. T's Pierogie wrap, posed at Avalon Loop.


2434 in front of 5th Ave Place.


2343 after a fresh repaint at Manchester.


2323 on Wood St.


2306 on Smithfield St.


I am hoping to add more to this page as time permits.