The Immortal "Jones Cars"



Pittsburgh's trolley system was big and P.N. Jones, head of Pittsburgh Railways, heads the effort to produce a standard car. Pittsburgh Railways decides that this new, low-floor trolley with its sloping floor is going to be its standard car. The company builds 1000 of them between 1915 and 1927. The steel cars run on 600 volts of direct current and feature rattan seats, beautiful woodwork, windows that open and shaded light bulbs.

The trolleys are painted orange but their color fades to yellow, prompting most people to call them yellow trolleys. They are used in Pittsburgh until the mid-1950s,

Now, let's go back in time even further and look at the old Jones cars... Please excuse some of the photos being black and white, but that was the sign of the times...


South Hills Junction shot.


Must be rush hour as 5461 and friends head down the tunnel at South Hills Junction.


Like I said, Interesting shot...But I have no idea its location or car number.


Compared to PCC or LRV, this would be "work".

4219 coming up Charles St crossing over Perrysville Ave.

4303 on Smithfield St. Working the Arlington Rt.

4345 at Castle Shannon "A" Loop.

Another shot at "A" Loop, Castle Shannon with 4345.

4355 nearing Washington, PA.

4361 on Beau St, Washington, PA.

4363 leaving downtown Washington.

4371 making its way to Washington, PA.

4384 and 4379 on Jefferson St, Washington.

4398 outside Glenwood Carhouse.

4398 inside service area of Glenwood Carhouse.

4398 on West Carson St.

4902 at Tunnel Carhouse.

5022 at old Homewood Carhouse.

5228 leaving the Highland Park Carhouse.

5422 racing down Liberty Ave, near 11th St.

5332 on Ardmore Blvd.

5432 stopped along Forbes Ave.

5508 at Keating Carhouse.

5509 is on Charles St, Near Perrysville Ave, on Rt 21 Fineview.

5518 rolling along Center Ave in West View.

5400, location unknown.

5028 on RT 47, close to South Hills Junction.

M-10 instruction car, former 5200, sitting at Craft Carhouse.


Some unknown Areas...Help is a good thing...