These buses were obtained in 1996, and became a hit with drivers and passengers alike. The fleet numbers are from 2600-2770. There are a few interesting facts about them on the roster page.

A few drivers thought that the NOVA was kind of ugly, with all the rivits all over them, but almost any driver will agree that they were surprisingly quiet and powerful. It is very hard to hear the engine or the AC in normal operation of the coach. Kudos to NOVA for their quality control in the sound deadening department.

The Classic is equipped with the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine, and the Allison 5 speed transmission.


These coaches as of 12/23/11 have been retired.


Lets look at some of the Classics.

This is the drivers area of the Classic. The really strange thing some drivers do not care for is the positioning of the brake and the throttle pedals, and the angles used, as opposed to other buses. Otherwise, its simplicity.


This is the interior of the Classic, front to rear.


Backside shot of 2604 at Sewickey Hospital on the 21A route.


2609 sitting at West View Plaza layover location.


2626 on Broad St, in Sewickley on the 21A route.


2626 at Phillips Station, 21A route.


2626 again on 4th Ave. Coraopolis.


Newly painted Collier Classic 2641 on Liberty Ave. Downtown. Unique point is that it was once said that there was "no way" a NOVA would ever be painted... HMMM. I think it looks great!


Detroit Diesel Series 50 in Nova 2620.


2601 on Center Ave, on the 11D Perrysville.


2603 on the 18C. On recovery on the I-279 Bellevue off ramp.


2604 on layover at Phillips Power Station, on the 21A Coraopolis Rt.


2611 bus parked in the middle of Rt 19 while the unknown driver grabs a bite at McDonalds.


2617 parked at the end of the line on the 54C...South Hills Junction.


2620 departing Phillips Terminus, 21A Rt.


This time 2626 is at Phillips.


2654, freshly rebuilt and painted. This bus was in a accident and our body shop at Manchester re-built it. Great Job! See the End of Line page for the before shot.


2663 on Fifth Ave, in Pittsburgh.


The yet to be numbered 2683 parked at Manchester. this was FRESH out of the booth!


2731 in Market Square, in Downtown Pittsburgh.


Uh Oh.. Looks like we have a duel between 2626 and 2604 on the apron at Ross Division.


2621 sitting at Ross on the apron sporting its new color...Coppertone.


2705 loading on 5th Ave in Pittsburgh, with a unknown Neoplan low floor and an Orion in the back. 


Collier 2659 laying over on the East Busway...Pretty in blue...


2707 turning from Liberty onto Fifth, in town, in her silver attire.


Peach colored 2717 on Liberty Ave.


2723 on Liberty Ave, near 6th.


2760 laying over on the East Busway.


2764 in a new, but interesting color on I believe, 4th Ave, in Pittsburgh.


2647 on the 33X run.


I love this color on the Nova. 2663 in a powder blue.


Ross Nova 2738 at 7th and Penn. This used to be a Harmar bus...


2741 Leaving the EBA, with a nice green Neoplan 5126 sitting behind it.


2743 on RT 16B, the Brighton. This was the last run I ran.


I'm not a fan of the dark blue, but I do like the Pens sign on 2761.


2623 laying over on the Rt 500, at the Lincoln Loop.


2663 on 5th Ave.


2703 taking a break at the Lincoln Loop.


2709 on layover, also at the Lincoln Loop..


2764 on the Smithfield St. Bridge.


2710 at Night.


2617 at Liberty and Centre.


2693 running the 51C.


2623 signed for the East Liberty garage. I remember when I had this bus on the 21A.


2707 running around East Liberty.


2622 on the 81C.


2710 on 4th Ave, on the 81A.


2661 in its pleasing blue paint, on Wood St.


2745 also on 4th Ave...destination unknown.


2652 on Liberty Ave, by the Federal Building.


2761 sniffing the fumes from a metroliner downtown.


2698 running the G2.


2621 on Wood street...Guess how I knew...


2701 pretty in pink.


2709 on the Swissvale Flyer, on Smithfield St.


2723 on Liberty Ave.


2746 sitting on the Ross Apron.


2685 on 3rd Ave, in the town of Elizabeth.


2600 on Liberty Ave.


2603 on the 11G, sitting on Liberty Ave.


Here is 2605 working at the Olympics in Atlanta. We didnt even take delivery yet!


Here it is on 6th Street, running the 16B.


2611 turning into West View Plaza.


2614 on 6th Street.


2621 at Manchester.


2623 on Penn Ave.


2625 at Liberty and Smithfield running the 16A.


2628 on Liberty Ave.


2628 passing Wood Street Station on Liberty Ave.


2641 on Liberty Ave.


2644 with it's new paint job at Manchester Shop.


2647 also in Atlanta, serving the Olympics before we got them.


2654 coming off the Smithfield St Bridge.


2657 near Station Square.


2661 sitting parked.


2661 leaving Pittsburgh via the Smithfield St Bridge.


2662 and sister 2656 on the Smithfield St Bridge.


2663 at the Waterfront Giant Eagle.


2664 on a lunch stop...Just kidding of course!


2666 on Forbes Ave.


2670 on Liberty Ave.


2678 on recovery at unknown location.


2686 preparing to turn onto East Carson St.


2700 in Oakland on 5th Ave.


2700 coming the other way now on 5th Ave in Oakland.


2701 at East Liberty garage.


2717 at East Liberty Garage.


2734 on Liberty Ave.


2740 on the 7th St. Bridge.


2747 on layover at West View Plaza.


2748 turning off Penn Ave.


2755 at the exit of the East Busway at Grant St.


2764 on Liberty Ave.


2659 awaiting its fate.


2731 on New Liberty Ave on the 21C (My Favorite run)


Nova interior with the blue seats replaced with these seats covered like the 5000 series Neoplan.


2623 running up 5th Ave, with a bike on board!


2764 in unknown location. This is one of the nicer repaint colors for the Nova Classic.


2623 from above.


2603 on Liberty Ave in Pittsburgh.


2729 on a rainy day.


2622 on 5th Ave, Pittsburgh. (interesting sparkle effects on this photo)


2622 at night on a recovery.


2611 on 7th Ave.


2760 leaving the East Busway.


2743 on 4th Ave.


More to come...