Ross Division


As you know, I worked out of the Ross Division of the Port Authority. I was happy to work there, as all my co-workers are some of the greatest to work with. Ross has special meaning as it was where I started my career at Port Authority. Granted, I did move around to Collier and the Rail Center, but to me, Ross, division "10", will always be "home".

I'd like to take you on a fast tour of the division.

This is the upper lot and entry.


The front apron where we come in and out of the garage, and park for recovery and lunch if you kept your same bus for both halves, IF you can find a spot!


Lower employee parking lot. Yes, you have to walk up 4 flights of steps, but there are snow removal on the cars in the winter, no hot car in the summer...And a massive amount of excercise to get to the top...I one time suggested they install oxygen tanks halfway


Ross Division as seen by Global Satellite. The 4 long white things are of course, buses, and the whitish strips on the lower left is Interstate 279.


The garage deck itself, Rows 1-23 are to the left, and A,B,C and the fire lane are to the right. There was also rows 24 and 25, but those were used as repair rows.


Drivers room at Ross. Lots of fun goes on in here. On the glass is the daily bulletins, such as detours, events, and other pieces of information every operator would need to know.


Lockers and Fountains, also to the left is Instruction rooms 1 & 2. Ross is blessed with great instructors. Why can't I get a top row locker???


Through this door, is the superintendant's office, their assistant, the Employee Relations rep, the route foremans office as well as the division secretary...


On to Maintenance...

Flxibles 2422 and 2442 being worked on.


 5021 being worked on, prepped for major engine work.


More to come!